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First Take: White Lung – Hungry

They say you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone. Where White Lung are concerned, it’s more a case that their glorious return makes it blindingly obvious that they’re exactly what we need.

With a new album ‘Paradise’ coming this May, first track ‘Hungry’ is a shot to the system. Doors kicked down, in your personal space, demanding attention; it’s a direct, immediate calling card for a band not prepared to wait around for anything.

That’s not to say it’s simply a basic thrash through. There’s a satisfying growl to their engine, but White Lung have it all under control. Inside their densely packed melody there’s space to breathe – a soaring note that’s never allowed to get too full of itself, but smart enough to prove they’re a band apart from many of their peers. And all of that delivered at full throttle.

‘Hungry’ both satisfies that nagging appetite, and leaves you wanting second helpings. Paradise is an all you can eat buffet, after all.