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First Take: Weezer – King Of The World

And so here we are. After blue (amazing), green (pretty damn great) and red (a mix of good and wtf), Weezer prepare to return to the colour palette with their white album. You don’t give a record that sort-of-title lightly; it has connotations. This time, they really do have to deliver.

But – actually – maybe this is the right time for Weezer to finally reclaim their throne. The signs are there. 2014’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ was probably their best album in more than a decade. The first of their surprise drops, ‘Thank God For Girls’ was weird, initially a provoker of Big Opinions, but in retrospect loads of fun. ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’, on the other hand, was sublime – a proper reminder that the band whose first two albums were without flaw still existed. Not even ‘Raditude’ could flush that away.

And then there’s this – ‘King Of The World’ – the song that comes with the announcement of Weezer’s 10th full length.

“Obviously, my favorite [he’s American, let him off, Brits – Ed] band has always been the Beach Boys,” Rivers Cuomo explains in the supporting press material. “What I love about them most are the melodies and the chord progressions.”

It’s in that line that finally the penny drops, both for us and them. Weezer possess one of the greatest tricks in modern rock. Just like The Beach Boys, it’s their ability to hit those harmonies which sets them apart. When matched with grittier, discordant melody they’re without peer. Few bands have a template that should be massaged rather than aggressively challenged; but this is certainly one of them. With those both hooked up, we can have all the “demented lyrics” Cuomo wants.

We’re three for three going into a new Weezer record. They’ve got more control over their destiny than ever before. They’ve even managed to drag themselves over to the UK for a couple of shows. Right now, anything is possible.