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First Take: Weezer – Do You Wanna Get High?

There’s no band quite like Weezer. Accepted as A Good Thing, for the past getting-on-for-twenty-years they’ve also managed to be the most divisive around. Following their classic second album ‘Pinkerton’ – a record that, at the time, wasn’t necessarily seen as the universal success it is today – many considered Rivers and co. to make a misstep. Whether that was with the (relatively) more mainstream production of Green, the happy clappy ‘Beverly Hills’ and ‘Make Believe’, or the down right bizarre ‘Raditude’, there are few who won’t claim to be able to tell you exactly what they should do next.

Most of them will say the same thing – go back to your roots. Do it like you did at the start. With their most recent album, ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’, that’s exactly what they started to do – to a point. Last week’s new track ‘Thank God For Girls’ felt like venturing back out from that safe zone again, trying new things – and really, can you blame a band for that? But with ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’, Weezer have hit the home run.

The chord changes, the melodies over a discordant chug, a lack of over produced sparkle – finally the missing link between the band’s first three records is here. Be clear, this is no huge pop hit – ‘Buddy Holly’ need not lose sleep – but it’s firm proof that, underneath everything that’s happened since, the Weezer we fell in love with still remain.

Without chasing it, approval is exactly what ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’ will receive. With no label to their name, and the freedom to do exactly what they want, the possibility that this is where they’ll head next is beyond exciting. Prayers really can be answered.