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First Take: PVRIS – ‘You and I’

After the runaway success of ‘White Noise’ and the adventures it inspired, you wouldn’t blame PVRIS for taking a step back to find space to regroup. However Lynn, Alex and Brian have always played the game differently.

True to form ‘You and I’ sees the band on the move once more. Atmospheric and chirping, the track still captures their film noir spirit but, instead of back alleys and bedrooms, ‘You and I’ is built for the stage. The band has always had a rich, cinematic edge to their music but now it comes in glorious high definition.

Sure, the opening seconds are reassuring and familiar but as the heartbeat synth builds, providing foundations for the soaring vocals, PVRIS take off. ‘You and I’ is brooding and wistful but those diary confessionals are cut with hope. It gives the band a new colour in their pallet and suddenly, everything pops just a little more.

The band has always been confident in their craft but somehow ‘You and I’ goes harder than anything they’ve done before. It’s not arrogance, it’s full emersion in what PVRIS can be. Hopes and dreams realised. From the whispered “You and I” that introduces the track through the entwined vocal melody, locked in motion with the rumbling electronics and out the other side with the pointed cry of “We can meet in the middle, body and souls collide,” ‘You and I’ is intimate, delicate yet absolutely-ruddy massive. Walls bulging, it soundtracks PVRIS catching up to the idea that they can be both an arena-commanding force and genuine chart botherers. while losing none of their wide-eyed charm.

Whether they were looking for it or not, PVRIS have found their space. With ‘You and I’, they’re untouchable.