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First Take: PUP – DVP

This lot don’t mess around, do they?

There’s been a keen sense of intrigue around PUP ever since they started dropping hints on social media that they were cooking something up. When we spoke to them back in November, they were keeping their cards pretty close to their chest regarding the new album. Now though, with the release of ‘DVP’, their first newly released song in almost two years, we know all we need to at this point: That this next PUP record is shaping up to be bloody brilliant.

Now, while this might disqualify this as a true ‘First Take’, it should be noted that PUP have been playing ‘DVP’ live for a while now – since 2014, in fact – and, if their set at The Fest back in November is anything to go by, it’s been going down a treat. The reason for that lies in it’s familiarity. PUP’s 2013 self-titled record was about as perfect as a debut can hope to be and ‘DVP’ would fit in pretty comfortably on that and while this isn’t a statement to make lightly, it’d place itself as one of the best tracks on that album, too.

On that record, PUP placed themselves at the top of the pile when it comes to catchy, uptempo punk and this track sees them cementing that spot. The tremolo picked lead line that opens the track is an instant hook, one used to devastating effect both as a guitar line and even more so as vocal melody over following the two and a half minutes. The only thing that could this particular set of ‘woah-ohs’ any better would be hearing a huge crowd signing along to them and since huge crowds are undoubtedly PUP’s destiny, we’re in for a treat.