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First Take: Milk Teeth – Kabuki

Milk Teeth announced debut album ‘Vile Child’ with the rag tag chaos of ‘Brickwork’. All snarling venom and whirlwind disregard, it sees the band catching up to their live reputation and channeling it into something to hold. ‘Kabuki’, our second glimpse into their full-length, takes a different path. Stripped of the band, the track sees Becky Blomfield sat alone with nothing but a frayed melody and her own thoughts for company.

Simple but devastating, ‘Kabuki’ balances extreme intimacy with a storyteller’s flourish. That tale of confession and caution absorbs the listener completely, despite the track clocking in at under two minutes and not coming close to anything resembling a chorus.

Milk Teeth have always worn their hearts on their sleeves but this takes it to extremes. This is blood, guts and soul.

“It is emotionally one of the toughest songs I have ever written,” Becky offers of the song’s history. “It’s good to be able to look back now and know its a time in my life I made it through when it felt initially like it would never end.” It’s a struggle you can feel in every carefully considered word. Stripped of the context of the album, the fearlessness that comes with sharing this track now really emphasises just how brave Milk Teeth are.

At a time when most bands would, and probably should, be playing it safe, Milk Teeth are coming out with graphic revelations. This is utter belief in what they’re doing. ‘Kabuki’ might only feature one quarter of the band and sits at the polar end of a live reputation they’ve spend twelve months solidly building, but it perfectly captures their ride or die attitude.

Kiss goodbye to the night, Milk Teeth are stars.