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First Take: Lonely The Brave – ‘Black Mire’

Not only are Lonely The Brave back but with ‘Black Mire’, they’re clearly bolder than ever.

That teasing guitar line kicks-starts the track and opens the door before standing guard as the band set about tearing the place apart. Those big, mountain-sized choruses that put Lonely The Brave on both festival mainstages and heart-shaped lockets are still raging. ‘The Day’s War’ saw the band easing up around those huge, upwards moments, eager to make sure they were light enough to soar but with ‘Black Mire’, Lonely The Brave throw everything they’ve got behind it. The result is a twisted, jagged hulk of a comeback that sets its sights firmly on the horizon.

Despite the shuddering weight, the first taste of Lonely The Brave’s second album two is defined. Crystal clear layers stack up with purpose as the band surround themselves with space to get down. ‘Black Mire’ is busy, shifting and gnarled but instead of claustrophobia, the band craft comfort in forward motion.

And that’s where things get interesting with ‘Black Mire’. The band has created such a sense of belonging with their music in the past and this present-day Lonely The Brave are clearly on the move. ‘Black Mire’ is proof the band are unafraid to rock the ship but still offer the same open-armed sonic embrace, just on a much grander scale. Think you know Lonely The Brave? It’s time to say hello.