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First Take: Tonight Alive – Human Interaction

Tonight Alive’s comeback doesn’t start with a bang. There’s no crashing out of the gates or clawing grasp, eager to take you under. Instead ‘Human Interaction’ takes you by the hand and walks you back to the band. The welcoming embrace, warm.

The confidence in which ‘Human Interaction’ patiently swells is astounding. While ‘The Other Side’ was constantly moving, battling with itself and others, ‘Human Interaction’ is beautifully calm. Jenna McDougall, full-spirited and upfront with her aims, has never sounded more in control.

There’s still confusion and a desire to be better but instead of looking back, the band have their eyes fixed on the horizon before them. No questions, this track demands answer.

Yes, the band have taken another step away from their sugary pop-punk beginnings but their brave new world shines like never before. The shackles are off. If ‘Human Interaction’ is anything to go by, Tonight Alive’s new album will fly without limits.

“I will be better. I will. I will,” Jenna cries. Gritted teeth determination dances with the spirit of self-doubt as fists are clenched and demons faced. For a band who fear that their world could turn to grey, Tonight Alive have never been so vibrant.