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First Take: Creeper – ‘Black Mass’

Eighteen months after they released their first self-titled EP, people are still shovelling the hype onto Creeper. The band can’t move for tired comparisons to MCR, AFI and Alkaline Trio yet they remain creatively unphased in the face of other people’s expectations.

Enter ‘Black Mass’.

With a rhythmic, frantic dance setting the pace before the hurried yell of, “Hey!” sees the track kick in proper, ‘Black Mass’ is the fastest we’ve seen Creeper move. Clocking in at a shade over two minutes, it’s also the shortest. While the band get straight to the point, there’s still plenty of room for those big band theatrics.

Sliding from relentless punk abandon to Back To The Future’s ‘Enchantment Under The Sea’ dance should be a jarring transition but Creeper, not content with effortless, make it look elegant. Moments earlier the commanding figurehead of Will Gould was standing with his arms outstretched, declaring, “Can I come over, I’m not a dream that you wish you’d had,” but now we find him cradling the mic, channeling his inner-crooner. And it’s glorious.

‘Black Mass’ is a song made for massive rooms. Despite the huge appeal, Creeper haven’t lost their outsider mentality though and this cut is just as unifying, emotional and powerful as anything they’ve put their name to yet. While the band are still a long way from believing the hype ‘Black Mass’, the first track to be lifted from their upcoming EP ‘The Stranger’, sees the band going beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. We’re starting to realise that it doesn’t matter how high we set the bar for Creeper, they’re going above it.