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First Take: Black Peaks – ‘Set In Stone’

You knew Black Peaks write big rock songs, right? Good. We’re all on the same page.

Set In Stone’ is only the fourth track the band have ever released (which seems crazy but we’ve checked using a little industry secret called Google) but it already shows the band refining, polishing and expanding their soaring craft.

Starting with a shimmer of crooning melody, it doesn’t take long for the band to explode. Again and again, their four-sided assault sweeps and surprises with an intelligent colour. This is a band that know exactly where the pressure points are and charge accordingly. For all the stifling noise and grand movements, ‘Set In Stone’ cherishes that opening moment of calm, carrying it through the track and allowing it – and the listener- room to breathe.

It’s this ability to take a step back that sees Black Peaks driving forward. They know the riffs are crushing, the vocals are devastating and that everything comes together with a refined poise so there’s never a temptation to show off. Indulgence-free yet balancing big shapes, ‘Set In Stone’ sees Black Peaks at their most flexible.

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