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First Take: BABYMETAL – ‘Karate’

There are still a bunch of unanswered questions about Babymetal. One album in and it’s tough to know where to place them in the grander schemes of things. Their self-titled debut was entertaining, captivating but the whole thing still teetered very closely to the idea of a fad. A shot of adrenaline but is there really anywhere left for them to go?

‘Karate’, the first track lifted from their upcoming ‘Metal Resistance’ album doesn’t really address any of those concerns apart from the most basic and, perhaps, the most important. ‘Karate’ is an excellent song.

The stomping introduction clears the room before Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal come careening in, energetic, excited and unified as ever. The vocals dance with the thundering instrumentals, facing off and challenging each other to do more. It’s that conflict and collision that provides the spark that lights Babymetal up.

Instead of constantly bounding around though, ‘Karate’ sees Babymetal pausing for breath, allowing the tension to build before launching a more potent attack. They’ve found space and they know how to use it. Dynamic, heavy-hitting but with an unwavering lust for life, it turns out there are a load more places the band can do. Taking the curiosity and building upon it, this is Babymetal all grown up.

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