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First Take: Against The Current – ‘Runaway’

Coming in like a classic disco stormer, the latest cut from Against The Current cements the band’s position as utterly unpredictable. Thought the band had pushed their pop limit with covers of Mark Ronson, Bieber and Jeppo? Think again. This is the sort of neon sparkling banger that will inspire covers, karaoke, questionable dancing and mass sing-alongs. ‘Runaway’ is absolutely monstrous and impossible to avoid.

Despite the shinier than shiny bop, the track doesn’t scrimp on the fire though. Both ‘Outsiders’ and ‘Running With The Wild Things’ came with a snarling declaration of staying true and ‘Runaway’ takes that grand defiance to heart.

Quick to hit and quicker to shift, ‘Runaway’ sees Against The Current at their most relentless. The band dodge, duck (dip, dive and dodge) away from expectation while ensuring every moment of their lightning delivery flies true.

Passionate, heart-felt and soaked in self-belief, ‘Runaway’ only works because of how much the band have committed to it. There’s no tentative whispers or downplaying here. Against The Current want the world and they’re sure as hell going to do everything in their power to take it. Two songs into ‘In Our Bones’ and the band are keeping everyone on their toes. There’s no running away from it though, Against The Current know exactly what they want and it’s for all eyes to be on them, asking what’s next?

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