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Tour Diary: Greywind, on the road with Moose Blood

Brother and sister duo Greywind – Paul and Steph O’Sullivan – are on the road with The Winter Passing and Moose Blood right now, and Upset’s keeping tabs on them. Stay up to date on their road trip with our exclusive tour diary, which will be updated as they head off on their travels. First stop: Bristol.

Find the tour’s remaining dates – and the band’s latest single, ‘Forest Ablaze’ – below.


Bristol: UK tour with Moose Blood day one. See you later Bristol!


Bristol: Just arrived at the venue, tonight we play our first ever show and we can’t wait!


Southampton: UK tour with Moose Blood day two. Just arrived at the venue in Southampton!

Photo 14-04-2016, 17 20 23

Southampton: Hopefully they keep this ladder here during the show later so Steph can climb it and do a backflip onto stage

Photo 14-04-2016, 19 13 58

Southampton: Taking anger out on the mic because they moved the ladder!


Wolverhampton: UK tour with Moose Blood day four. Just arrived in Wolverhampton!

Photo 16-04-2016, 17 15 14

Wolverhampton: Soundcheck!

Photo 17-04-2016, 12 08 39

Nottingham: UK tour with Moose Blood day five. Just arrived at the venue in Nottingham!

Photo 17-04-2016, 18 14 06

Nottingham: Forest Ablaze.


Leeds: UK tour with Moose Blood day six. Steph and her Furby on the way to Leeds!

Photo 18-04-2016, 18 18 25

Leeds: Ready to go.


Bristol: Soundcheck done!


Bristol: First show ever = done! Thanks Bristol! See you tomorrow Southampton
for day two!

Photo 14-04-2016, 15 14 18

Southampton: Killing time before soundcheck!

Photo 14-04-2016, 17 12 22
Photo 14-04-2016, 17 11 40

Southampton: Soundcheck time!

Photo 14-04-2016, 19 12 34

Southampton: Such a fun show! Thanks for that Southampton! Next up, London!


Wolverhampton: Found our long lost sister while we were walking back to the venue.

Photo 16-04-2016, 18 41 36

Wolverhampton: That was amazing Wolverhampton, thanks so much! Nottingham tomorrow!

Photo 17-04-2016, 16 53 04

Nottingham: Soundcheck!

Photo 16-04-2016, 18 41 36

Nottingham: Thank you for that Nottingham. Leeds tomorrow!

Photo 18-04-2016, 18 12 48

Leeds: Soundcheck!

Photo 18-04-2016, 19 04 13

Leeds: That was one of our favourite shows of the tour, thank you Leeds! Day off tomorrow before we head to Manchester on Wednesday!

Greywind, The Winter Passing and Moose Blood’s remaining dates are as follows:

18 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
20 Manchester Sound Control
21 Newcastle Academy 2
22 Edinburgh Mash House
23 Liverpool Arts Club