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The Ins and Outs Of… Candy Hearts’ ‘Acoustic Hearts’

As Candy Hearts gear up to release their new acoustic EP out on the Warped Tour, Mariel Loveland offers up some of its defining details.

Hey Mariel! How did you come up with the idea for ‘Acoustic Hearts’?
I was trying to think of something that would be really cool to release on Warped Tour, something that could be for our fans and would go with the record we had released at the end of last year. It was kind of almost like the record and this sit together because it’s three acoustic songs from ‘All The Ways You Let Me Down’ and two brand new ones.

What made you decide to include some new tracks in the mix?
I wrote one of them for ‘All The Ways You Let Me Down’ but I realised it didn’t make sense for the record. I realised it didn’t make sense any other way than acoustic and thought, ‘Yeah, I could change it for the record,’ but I liked the way it was and didn’t want to. The other one I wrote after the album came out, but I really thought that those two songs wouldn’t work any other way but acoustic and I really love them so much. They’re so different from what we usually do that I didn’t feel like we could put them on the regular record, but I felt like our fans would like them and that we should put them out there.

And what was it like to translate the tracks from the record back into acoustic renditions? Was it a challenge?
Even though I did write them acoustically, I felt that it was a little difficult. Difficult in the way that I have to sing them differently; when we originally recorded them, I was singing that little bit louder but this time, I wanted to match the vibe. I’d been singing them for about a year, so I was having to relearn singing them in a different way, which was hard when I was stuck in the habit of singing them in a more powerful, accented way. 

Taken from the August 2015 issue of Upset. Candy Hearts’ EP ‘Acoustic Hearts’ is out now.