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Living Means premiere debut EP, run through the whole thing track by track

Massachusetts pop-punk/alt-rock band Living Means release their debut EP next week, on Friday 29th April. Before then however, we’re streaming the six song release in its entirely – give it a listen below, and have the band run you through it, track by track. You can pre-order the EP on CD here, and digitally here.

1. The Downside

‘The Downside’ is about how social media allows for no privacy and allows people to watch you at all times.

2. Sharp Tongue

‘Sharp Tongue’ represents the times where you know it’s better to keep your mouth shut but you choose not to anyway.

3. Stay In Touch

‘Stay in Touch’ is about appreciating personal growth and your experiences, good and bad and learning from them.

4. Blue

‘Blue’ is a story about a moral person stuck in an inner battle with his sociopathic self.

5. Skeptical

‘Skeptical’ is about accepting myself as who I am, and sticking with that until the day I die.

6. You Could Be Anywhere…

‘You Could Be Anywhere…’ is about struggle and fighting your way through struggles, adversity, and depression whatever, and going on faith that it will get better.