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Greywind: “We already can’t wait for album two”

At the start of the year, Greywind were a band that had released one Very Good song online, and then disappeared. After a year working on new material, the band returned with ‘Forest Ablaze’, went out on tour with Moose Blood and now Steph O’Sullivan and her brother Paul are heading to Reading & Leeds to let you into their world.

Hello Greywind. You released ‘Forest Ablaze’ earlier this year and everyone loved it. Were you expecting that reaction?

Steph: Not at all. We released ‘Afterthoughts’, then we went writing for a year.  We didn’t know if people were still going to be there when we got back. Then there they were.

You toured with our pals in Moose Blood earlier this year, how was that?

Paul: The reaction during that tour with Moose Blood was amazing. That was our first ever time on the stage in our entire lives. We were thrown into it.

Steph: It went really well, thank god.

You’re releasing your debut album soon. What can you tell us about it?

Paul: We recorded it last July in Texas, with Jason Perry. We’ve been sitting on it for a year, and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

Steph: If you like ‘Afterthoughts’ and ‘Forest Ablaze’, you’re going to love the record. Hopefully.

Paul: It’s dark but beautiful.

What drives you?

Paul: People saying we can’t do it.

Steph: It makes us want to do it more.

Paul: We live in the south of Ireland and in our town, for years, we could never find a band. It was just the two of us and we couldn’t find other musicians. We put up posters and went off to Dublin and Cork, we tried message boards… We were always told we couldn’t do it, so we just decided to do it ourselves. We wrote ‘Afterthoughts’, posted it online, and now we’re here. It’s been amazing.

You’ve been sat on your debut for a while now. Have you started thinking about where you go next?

Paul: Yeah, we’ve already started album two. We know the vision, the direction it’s going in, and we’re really excited. We’ve improved more in the last month than the last year. We already can’t wait for album two.