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Album Review

The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues


For anyone who likes their music loud, aggressive and unafraid.

Label: Rise Records
Released: 7th October 2016

Rating: ★★★★

‘Transit Blues’ is a metalcore haven. Despite a few line-up changes under their belts, The Devil Wears Prada haven’t diverged too far from their previous sound, with Mike Hranica’s vocals holding it all together.

The repeated screams of “over a lifetime I never loved her” in ‘Daughter’ are nothing short of unsettling. If you didn’t question your relationship with your Dad before, you will now.

‘Worldwide’’s melodic chorus lifts the dark, guttural noise to a more accessible level while ‘Lock & Load’ is entirely heavy. So throaty you want to give Hranica a Strepsil, only a brief piano provides respite in among the unstoppable guitars and slow, purposeful drums.

‘Flyover State’ lures you into a false sense of security before growing, layered riffs and crashing cymbals lead to a furious growl alongside softer, electronically enhanced singing. Like a far more aggressive A Day To Remember song, ‘The Condition’ balances its aggression with softer, tuneful moments.

Follow up ‘To the Key of Evergreen’ throws all its energy into the mix, a smorgasbord of eerie vocals, remorseless double pedalling, and dramatically different sections of light and pitch black shade, contrasting with the far simpler, ethereal ‘Home for Grave pt2’.

From the drum heavy ‘Praise Poison’ to the lighter ‘Transit Blues’, The Devil Wears Prada’s sound continues to dominate its genre. Their fifth full-length isn’t one to put on in the car with your grandparents, but for anyone who likes their music loud, aggressive and unafraid, you’ll love this. Kathryn Black