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Album Review

Trash Boat – Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through

Trash Boat - Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through

A fantastic push forward for the burgeoning band.

Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 17th June 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Having released two EPs previously which both embarked heavily upon the pop punk approach while using some hardcore influences, Trash Boat’s debut effort ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’ takes the opposite approach.

The hardcore sound is much more apparent, and it works incredibly well, especially on ‘Catharsis’. Building toward the climactic ending where everything drops into organised chaos, it epitomises exactly where the future of the genre could be.

Trash Boat have more than enough emotional output to go around: you can hear the attachment singer Tobi Duncan puts into his lyrics throughout. This is particularly evident in ‘The Guise Of A Mother’, where the melodic qualities of his voice come through, and we see the true extent of how hard he can push his vocals. Perhaps the most open and revealing track is finale ‘You Know You Know You Know’, which deals with depression and how hard the illness is to address.

‘Nothing I Write…’ is a fantastic push forward for the burgeoning band, with hooks and riffs that delve between pop punk and hardcore wonderfully. Trash Boat take what made these genres so loved in the first place, and bring back the youthful exuberance that keeps them fresh. Steven Loftin