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Album Review

Terrible Love – Change Nothing EP


A promising start for the next generation of post-hardcore.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 22nd April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Forming a band after the dissolution of your previous one is always a wary move. You’re not quite sure how your old fans will accept this new venture, they can be supportive or just abandon you completely. In the case of Terrible Love, who are rising from the ashes of four other bands, they should be just fine. Bringing a sound to the post-hardcore scene that is filled with topical relevance and musical abrasiveness, Terrible Love have taken the best of all their prior bands, including Goodtime Boys and Bastions, and melded them into an unstoppable juggernaut.

Their first offering is the ‘Change Nothing’ EP, which at only fifteen minutes long, neatly sets the tone for their agenda. It’s a perfect introduction and an indicator of the great things to come. Filled with frustration and angst it’s obvious Terrible Love are no strangers to the genre, especially in ‘Sparrow’. With its political undertones, the chorus – “and what you’ve done to my nest, in the name of this progress, can’t be undone can’t be changed, so burn it down and start again” – says more about the political state of the country more than any discussion in Parliament.

Throughout, the aggressiveness of the band’s sound never falters. At times the vocals can get lost amongst the thickness of the instrumentation, particularly in the opener and title track ‘Change Nothing’, but the message comes across clear. A promising start for the next generation of post-hardcore. Steven Loftin