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Album Review

The Summer Set – Stories For Monday

The Summer Set - Stories For Monday

A chance for the band to branch away from their roots.

Label: Fearless Records
Released: 1st April 2016

Rating: ★★★

It’s been a whirlwind journey for The Summer Set. The five-piece’s last offering, ‘Legendary’, was labeled as the outcome of an identity crisis and their upcoming release, ‘Stories For Monday’, was the album that almost wasn’t after a near break-up last September. Putting that behind them, the new release explores how they have found themselves bound by expectations of genres.

From the get-go, standout track ‘Figure It Out’ delves into the limits of creativity. “I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I’m too punk for the pop kids,” sings Brian Dales. With brutally honest lyrics, the song explores a search for belonging and gives an insight into the adventurous tone of the album. Dabbling in various themes, ‘All Downhill From Here’ is drenched in a 80s flair with piercing melodies and soaring lyrics. While ‘Wonder Years’ prides itself on its catchy pop sensibilities and boy band-like harmonies.

At times, the record curveballs back to the cheese factor of ‘Legendary’. With namedrop references, ‘All My Friends’ is the closest song you’ll find to 2013’s ‘Boomerang’. Case in point: “You were screaming to Nirvana, like the Kurt Cobain you are.” Whereas, ‘Jean Jacket’ is a One Direction-esque ode to past relationships with hazy lyrics and choruses like, “Cus’ when I put on my jean jacket, I still think about you.”

But what’s the harm in that? For The Summer Set, ‘Stories For Monday’ isn’t necessarily an album that’s a solid representation of finding yourself after a supposed identity crisis. Instead it’s a chance for the band to branch away from their roots. Emma Matthews