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Album Review

Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team

Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team

Fourteen tracks is a lot of Simple Plan to get through.

Label: Atlantic Records
Released: 19th February 2016

Rating: ★★

It feels like Simple Plan’s latest instalment, ‘Taking One For The Team’, is a comeback album of sorts, even though they’ve been steadily cracking on without the obstruction of a hiatus since their inception. Having said that, there’s no greater level of expectation prescribed. You don’t go into a Simple Plan album expecting anything more than a Simple Plan album.

‘Taking One For The Team’ certainly doesn’t profess to be anything it’s not: unashamedly catchy pop melodies on tracks like ‘Boom!’ or ‘Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching’ lie atop innocent guitar lines and preach high school confrontation in lines like “everything sucks because you’re not around”.

That’s not to say they don’t push the boat out a little. ‘Singing In The Rain’ brings a calypso guitar line and an inexplicably Jamaican tinge to French Canadian, Pierre Bouvier’s vocals. And that’s nothing on the funky bass slappin’ that Nelly, yes Nelly, brings on the could-be-Bruno-Mars ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Bed’.

But the sheer length of the album goes some way to draining the joy that the band are clearly trying really hard to build up; while it doesn’t sound like much, fourteen tracks is a lot of Simple Plan to get through. Jack Glasscock