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Album Review

PWR BTTM – Ugly Cherries


Hooky yet uniquely disjointed melodies, against wholehearted narratives.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 7th October 2016

Rating: ★★★★★

‘Ugly Cherries’ is awkward, and unashamed of it. It’s goofy, but serious when it needs to be; a perfect documentation of everything we all experience when coming-of-age. But what makes PWR BTTM stand out like Ben Hopkins (guitar/vocals) and Liv Bruce (drums/vocals) do, is that while they address life from a queer perspective, what they sing about is relatable for everyone.

Garage punk was in much need of a band like PWR BTTM, a band not afraid to be sweet nor sensitive while channelling this emotion into fierce instrumentation throughout. In the mix of the party, clap your hands pop rock nuggets of ‘All The Boys’ and ‘Dairy Queen’, PWR BTTM truly glitter in their ability to write hooky yet uniquely disjointed melodies, against wholehearted narratives.

New additions ‘Projection’ and ‘New Hampshire’ feel like missing parts to the original release that weren’t immediately obvious. ‘Projection’ boasts a powering riff similar to that of title track ‘Ugly Cherries’, like the album comes full circle. And while the original release has glimmers of wise beyond their years maturity, ‘Projection’ and ‘New Hampshire’ further illustrate the band’s magnetism towards accepting, rather than yearning for, nostalgia. Jasleen Dhindsa