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Album Review

Press To MECO – Good Intent

Press To Meco - Good Intent

This is a band with potential of stratospheric proportions, and the the songs to prove it.

Label: Best Before Records
Released: 16th October 2015

Rating: ★★★★

As a band who once described their sound as “if Meshuggah made love to One Direction”, there was never any doubt that Press To MECO would vehemently resist being pigeonholed into an individual genre from day one. Although their sound these days is more akin to Arcane Roots and Lower Than Atlantis clashing heads, a schizophrenic approach to songwriting remains the driving force behind the fresh-faced Croydon trio.

The concept of tech-metal hooks with poppy undertones may be initially unnerving, but throughout their debut full-length album, Press To MECO play two blindsiding hands in tandem. On one hand, there’s the gargantuan grooves, djenty time signatures and pulse-pounding attention to technical detail. The likes of ‘Affinity’ and ‘Diffusion Of Responsibility’ are frantic and fiercely intelligent.

But then there’s also the second hand, where you’ll find irresistible vocal harmonies and killer alt-rock choruses. Opening anthem ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Means To An End’ are among the catchiest tracks of the year, but it’s the fine-tuned moments of cohesion shared between all three members that renders this such a worthwhile listen.

What makes Press To MECO’s cosmically refined sound all the more interesting is that the production is raw in comparison; through avoiding over-production, the band have miraculously sealed the deal with a sense of sincerity not typically synonymous with music of a familiar ilk (if there ever is anything familiar).

‘Good Intent’ is not only a display of astounding talent, but also of patience and meticulous planning over four years of operations. This is a band with potential of stratospheric proportions, and the the songs to prove it. It’s all systems go. Danny Randon