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Album Review

Mother Feather – Mother Feather

Mother Feather - Mother Feather

An album that’s been well worth the seven year wait.

Label: Metal Blade Records
Released: 6th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

In the summer of 2009, Ann Courtney had an epiphany that led to the creation of Mother Feather – a band whose empowering and uplifting nature is at the heart of everything they do. This resonates in their debut self-titled album, which is comprised of the band’s two EPs, and two new songs.

Despite being on the Metal Blade Records roster, Mother Feather are here to be heard with their part 50s rockabilly, part 90s garage rock, and part self-described “pop cock rock”. This type of unadulterated rock’n’roll can be brash, and while Mother Feather are in your face, their album is composed of exuberant and uplifting good vibes.

The quintet’s self-titled is a pure head-banging affair with staggered riffs, led by Courtney’s sonorous vocals and attitude filled, emancipatory lyrics. The band aren’t afraid to show their softer side either: ‘Mirror’ has twinges of country pop with a killer hook and wavering riffs, ‘Beach House’ is a bonafide summer indie power pop track and ‘They Torn Down The SK8 Park’ may bring the album back to fuzz territory, but still twinges of indie and beautiful harmonies.

Ending with the absolutely massive ‘Egyptology’, a track about a hedonistic afterparty unearthed from Courtney’s soul searching, Mother Feather have produced an album that’s been well worth the seven year wait. Jasleen Dhindsa