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Album Review

Miss May I – Deathless

Miss May I - Deathless

Storming guitars? Check. Raging snares? Check. Intense Riffs? Double check.

Label: Rise Records
Released: 7th August 2015

Rating: ★★★

Miss May I received criticism for their 2014 release, ‘Rise Of The Lion’, due to it not being considered ‘heavy’ enough. Speculation understandably arose as to whether their new record, ‘Deathless’, would go in a similar direction. Fret not, it hasn’t. Instead, the band have put the gimmicks and try-hards aside and crafted a pleasantly aggressive racket that brings them right back to their roots.

Storming guitars? Check. Raging snares? Check. Intense Riffs? Double check. From the soar of ‘Turn Back The Time’ to the fiery ‘Arise’, ‘Deathless’ is tight, fast and will no doubt leave fans thrashing in a hurricane of angst when performed live.

In tracks like ‘I.H.E’ vocalists Levi Benton and Ryan Neff battle against each other. Equipped with a mixture of clean and unclean vocals, the seething war only adds to the fury, where they snarl a big f-you to society with lyrics like: “I hate everything / I hate everyone.”

But lyrics don’t only make a stance against other people. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in ‘Psychotic Romance’, Levi directs the aggression on himself and unfolds a story of not being deserving of love. Topped with crisp screams of ”I’m not worthy of such beauty / I’m not worthy of a love like this”, and the suffocation that many can relate to, it’s arguably the standout song of the release.

Despite the upheaval of ‘Rise Of The Lion’, in many ways its poor reception has only strengthened Miss May I’s position. With producer, metalcore supremo, Joey Sturgis (Of Mice And Men) leaving his stamp on ‘Deathless’, it’s the comeback record that many fans want. Emma Matthews