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Album Review

Masked Intruder – Love And Other Crimes EP


Self-aware fun.

Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 8th July 2016

Rating: ★★★

With rockabilly and punk infused to create the last thing you’d expect from supposed criminals, here’s a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. Through vigour and angst, Masked Intruder have a certain dynamic that separates them from the rest.

The obvious undertones lie in the enveloping subject matter of crime and punishment, most prominent in the track ‘Running From The Cops’, where they turn criminality into a Looney Toons thought; it’s pop punk through and through.

‘First Star Tonight’ is a love song straight from the heart, while ‘Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt’ references to stalking and restraining orders. ‘If Only’ is retrospective, yearning for an idyllic life with their own “Winnie Cooper”.

There isn’t a single track on the EP that wanes in tempo, giving it a fast pace and easy-to-digest feel, as all good pop punk should. Though at times it can feel as if they rely little bit too heavily on the gimmick of being “criminals”, what’s wrong with a bit of self-aware fun? Steven Loftin