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Album Review

The Holiday – The Good Life EP

The Holiday - The Good Life EP

The Holiday have released a debut to be proud of.

Label: Self-Released
Released: 29th July 2016

Rating: ★★★★

At seven tracks long, The Holiday’s new release ‘The Good Life’ is a pretty long EP, but one that’s packed with bangers and brilliant pop rock tunes. ‘The Opener’ wastes no time starting the action, with charging chords and a rollercoaster of a bassline. The chorus is so simple but so catchy you’ll wish you’d come up with it yourself.

There’s a “da da da-da da” singalong section and mid-tempo chorus in ‘Listen To Me’ that sounds undeniably like a You Me At Six track; even the vocals are uncannily similar. ‘All I See’ has a moodier sound, swapping bouncy melodies for extensive, brooding sections. At nearly five minutes long, it’s happy taking its time.

With an entirely different sound, ‘I Try’ journeys from an intro that could trick you into thinking it’s going to be a heavier track, through a groovy bassline and stop-start guitars in the verse, to an emotive chorus. It stands out for all the right reasons. ‘Inside My Head’ picks up the pace, charging from start to finish in a blur of attacking guitars interspersed with quieter, tuneful moments.

‘Headliners’ feat. Tiffany Robinson is an understated but unforgettable way to close the EP. Faultlessly summing up the feelings of a lost generation stuck between leaving their youth behind and not knowing how to look forward to the future (“I want things to be like the way they were before, when there was no pressure in the world”), The Holiday have released a debut to be proud of. Kathryn Black