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Album Review

Happy Accidents – You Might Be Right


An album of well-paced and well-written pop songs.

Label: Alcopop
Released: 1st July 2016

Rating: ★★★

Happy Accidents’ ‘You Might Be Right’ is a quarter-life crisis in disguise as a good time. Opening track ‘But You’re Probably Wrong’ lays on the self-deprecation, setting the tone for an album that tackles generation Y’s most relatable problems in a wonderfully self-aware way.

Current single ‘Leaving Parties Early’ follows suit, and it sounds like Happy Accidents have been to some really awful parties with deceptively bright track ‘Chameleon’ featuring the relatable line: “Don’t wanna have to drink to make these three hours bearable.”

While it’s not exactly going to change the face of music, and it can feel a tad repetitive, it’s great to hear a band who sound like they’re having fun with their music; the sardonic lyrics will certainly have you returning for another listen.

‘You Might Be Right’ is an album of well-paced and well-written pop songs, with tempo changes, breezy harmonies: it’s a breath of fresh air. Poppy Waring