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Album Review

Fangclub – Bullet Head EP

Fangclub - Bullet Head EP

Grungy, 90s riffs over a throbbing pop heart.

Label: Universal
Released: 13th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

It takes less than a minute of Fangclub’s new EP to tag the three piece. Grungy, 90s riffs over a throbbing pop heart, they’re a deafening feedback loop of leather and amp stacks, with a sugary sweet edge.

Opener ‘Bullet Head’ plays the template perfectly – guitar, then drums, then vocal gymnastics all deployed before hitting the first verse, and even that sounds like a chorus. Velcro has fewer hooks. ‘Loner’ is a lazier, more lilting take – a muscular slacker-pop gem – but everything Fangclub do still has that instant stickability. The over-driven ‘Psycho’ is enough to summon the spirit of Kurt, without ever feeling like a cheap retread, while closer ‘Role Models’ chugs with steely determination underneath its refrain of “I don’t care about that”.

Magpies of the discordant melody, Fangclub may not reinvent the wheel, but they’ll certainly take the leather seats. Stephen Ackroyd