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Album Review

Eagles Of Death Metal – Zipper Down

Eagles Of Death Metal – Zipper Down

Their profoundly aware tongue in cheek styling an endearing listen.

Label: Caroline
Released: 2nd October 2015

Rating: ★★★

Eagles Of Death Metal don’t take themselves seriously at all; you don’t have to look further than their new album’s ill-advised cover to see that. The title ‘Zipper Down’ is another clue. The video for opening track and lead single, ‘Complexity’ sees the duo in a pseudo-pretentious, monochromatic piss-take.  

Ironically, it would appear that there’s nothing complex about that at all. And in terms of the album, the ominous and sarcastic tones of Josh Homme over ‘Silverlake’, a song that lyrically is all one big joke about wannabe rock stars, is a good representation of the album’s humour on the whole.

Yet, behind all this humorous bravado, Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes are a pair of talented musicians who do take their craft seriously. For instance, the slow, fuzzy, rolling riff on ‘Skin Tight Boogie’ wouldn’t feel out of place on ‘Songs For The Deaf’. The vocal overlay on the introduction of ‘Got The Power’ shows that the pair have certainly thought about the production of the songs too.  

Having said that, they’re silly songs, really silly.  There’s a cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Save A Prayer’, which is ridiculous. Imagine that high, unashamedly 80s synth line played out by a low-end, single string, signature Homme riff.  As nonsensical as it is, all it calls for is a giggle.

The first Eagles Of Death Metal album in seven years doesn’t reinvent the wheel, as you’d quite rightly expect, but the musicianship makes their profoundly aware tongue in cheek styling an endearing listen. Jack Glasscock