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Album Review

We Are Carnivores – Theodor’s A Don, Bro EP

We Are Carnivores - Theodor's A Don, Bro EP

A boundlessly pulsating EP.

Label: Self-Released
Released: 22nd July 2016

Rating: ★★★★

We Are Carnivores are like the love child of early Don Broco and Enter Shikari, their new EP ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ is a significant successor of the ‘Tex-Mexiconomy EP’, filled with punchy math riffs, and a rigidness that really showcases the sheer skill the Nottingham trio have.

Equal parts of Press To Meco melody and lurid breakdowns, the four track EP persists and rides on the band’s electronicore wizardry and satirical quips. The experimental title track, suspenseful ‘Scottish Power’, yo-yoing of ‘You Can’t Argue With Sharks’ and the head-spinning intro of ‘I’m Not An Alcoholic, I Just Collect Bottles’ congeal the ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ EP.

WAC have created a boundlessly pulsating EP that turns an unexpected corner at any given moment, and is an alternate math victory. Jasleen Dhindsa