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Album Review

Arcane Roots – Heaven & Earth EP

Arcane Roots - Heaven & Earth EP

Arcane Roots may have started afresh, but it’s only the beginning.

Label: Sony Red / Easy Life
Released: 16th October 2015

Rating: ★★★★

“It was nice to stand back and ask, ‘What are the dreams we had at the beginning?’ We could just float for a second and reevaluate what we wanted to do,” Arcane Roots’ frontman, Andrew Groves, told Upset back in September. It was this ‘clean slate’ approach that’s helped shaped the band’s new EP, ‘Heaven and Earth’.

From the get go, the offering isn’t completely out of touch with 2013’s ‘Blood & Chemistry’. Arcane Roots’ signature sound is still there. Look at turbo-charged ‘When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth’ for instance. It still has the cutting snares, soaring melodies and somber appeal the band are known for. That said, there has been a new approach towards creating: one which has seen riffs become bigger, heavier and more powerful.

In ‘Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’, the three-piece’s previous metaphors have been stripped bare. There’s no guessing anymore. They’re putting the frills and gimmicks aside and are more straightforward about the messages they want to deliver. “So give me the song and I swear that I’ll sing it, like never before / All of my life I have watched this moment, go right through the door,” sings Groves.

This is a theme that continues throughout. Particularly in ‘Slow Dance’, which juggles the idea of seeking and finding someone who you can wholeheartedly connect with. A love song that’s been given its own edge, it’s here where you can really see how to group have taken the tried and tested mixture of the past, before adding to it. It’s cleaner yet heavier, simpler yet smarter and gives fans a glimpse of what can be expected on the upcoming full-length.

“This EP feels like the start,” continued Groves. He’s right. Arcane Roots may have started afresh, but it’s only the beginning. Emma Matthews